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Sadra Baniasadi a.k.a “Bani” was born in 1991 in Tehran, Iran. He studied Painting at Tehran Art UniversityBani was influenced by his father, who is a contemporary artist, but not in a structured manner, but by giving him the opportunity to build his own works.  He has a very strong background in satire, cartoons, and comicsOver the years he stops painting for a while, but finally, he returns to painting again and this time celebrates his abilities in drawing cartoons through his paintings.  His main themes are religion and mythologyHis latest exhibition is called “sisters” and in 2019 it was shown In Dastan’s basement Gallery. In this collection, he portrayed photos of women, usually taken by women and published by women in social media platforms.

Sea side from The “Sisters” series - 2019
Happy birthday from The “Sisters “ series - 2018
Fountain with no water from The “Sisters” series - 2019
Devil may cry - 2008
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