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Pegah Rajamand was born in 1988 in Iran. She lived in a large city named Orumiyeh. She entered the Faculty of Art and Architecture University of Tehran in 2012 and started studying for BA in paintingDue to her interest in searching and learning to write articles in the field of visual art, she entered the Faculty of Arts at Al-Zahra University, for MA Painting in 2018. During her studies, she became interested in naturalists, Structuralism, and Romanticism work. The subject of her works is big industrial machines and factories. In her opinion, these structures are the representatives and symbols of human beings on earth. Her main goal is to show the timeless and placeless situation. As Iran's position and being an oil-rich country that the vast majority of its economy depends on oil, Pegah also pays special attention to oil structures and platforms. She used charcoal and pastel materials to show the blackness and heaviness of the structures. She has exhibited her works in various group exhibitions in Tehran, such as "Blue Gold" in Etemad Gallery, "Agog" hosted by Dastan Basement Gallery. She has won the "ARTP Festival of visual art” award in Farmanfarma Gallery and she was one of the winners of Al-Zahra University's painting festival in 2019. She has had her both Solo Exhibitions, “Dyspepsia” and “Habitant” at O Gallery.

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