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Mahsa Aleph (b. 1990, Ardabil, Iran) received her BFA in Painting from the Tehran University of Art in 2013.  One of her latest works, shown in 2019 in Mohsen Gallery is called “Corpse” which itself is part of a series called "The Container Made of the Contained". This work consists of thousands of date kernels, filed by eighteen prisoners from different wards.  These kernels traditionally were carved to become prayer beads. The artist believes “Filing date kernels is an exercise in futility: they pile up in pursuit of retrieving “free will” in a hopeless situation, In this vain patience for making something, the result of which is not even known to the prisoners themselves, each bead represents a vain moment that has come and gone, as they are polished and heaped, containing nothing but emptiness and silence.”  One of her other works that caught my eye is called An Introduction To The Aleph’s Library, from "The only person who has read the book is the writer." Series. This installation is made out of 1000 cured books which each has been salted, the same way as one treats meat to be preserved. This way you are not able to read or even open the books. Before, in 2012, she mentions that the empty space between words is actually what makes the image, that the reader takes away, therefore “The only person who has read the book is the writer “.

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