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Reyhaneh Mirjahani received                        's biography

I am a 28 years old Iranian female artist and researcher, currently based in Gothenburg, which I wish soon I will be able to say based between Tehran and Gothenburg. My inception with art was not to become an artist in society but to use it as a personal tool to objectify/materialize my abstracted personal feelings. But it has all changed. I started my art education as a sculptor, working mainly with the form and struggling with the relation between concept and form, studying the affective potentials of aesthetic choices in the relationship between objects in installation work. During this time I mainly focused on my personal feelings and expressions. Right after I finished my bachelor degree in Tehran, I moved to Poland for two years. Somehow it felt like I am not free anymore to express myself in the new society as my work was read based on my nationality. It was at this point that my practice shifted into participatory installation about the political aspect of others’ perception of me, as a foreigner. In 2018, I moved to Sweden to continue my studies. This time, studying art was not about me, but about us/them. The multiple us/them which sometimes we can fit in and sometimes not. The us that constantly defends itself and the them that is being judged out of its context all the time. Since then my artistic research has shifted into the socially engaged participatory installation as an experimental tool to challenge, question, and study the notion of a political agency (individual and collective), and the position of ethics in this discourse. And this study has been woven with my background in sculpture and traditional visual art studies to understand the interrelationship between political agency and the effective potential of physical involvement/presence. Now, with my work, instead of resolving the description of “an Iranian female artist”, I focus on questioning and challenging our/their position in the entangled political contemporary life we live in.

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Digital collage, Acrylic glass

Rodrigo de Sousa


This work was made by Reyhaneh Mirjahani Based on Diogo da Cruz’s Biography

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