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Parnian Ghorbani received                       's biography

Most artists write an artist bio because other artists have written one. But this one, this one is directly aimed at you. And as you read it, you slowly start to shrink into me.
You are now named Sofi Kiaee. You were born on the 13th of September 1994 in Tehran. Tehran, it's always on the news, Tehran this, Tehran that. But that isn’t really your reality, you have an underground life. From there, the subculture is not as different as other places. But the cover, my darling the cover is misleading and there’s always more depth to it. You’ve lived in Tehran most of your years, except when you were 8, where you lived in another continent for 2 years. What effect do you think that had on you? How do we decide which life events are important?
You recall some memories from the past in your consciousness and think to yourself, I'm living with this memory every second of every day. they never left, I don’t think I’ve ever stopped thinking about them. It’s just... under the rug. Those buried and hidden in the root, drag us around like puppets. Your dad bought an analog camera in the ’80s, your mom used it after they married, and they passed it down to you and you went to university studying Photography using the same camera. You weren’t very productive in University; You still hadn’t managed to tame the chaos inside, never mind the outside.

You have a disagreeable nature, we don’t know why that is my dear, maybe you’re not creative, you’re just disagreeable. So you’re not very keen on the way things “are”. Sometimes to your advantage, sometimes not. This leads you to ask many questions: Why is photography 2D? why is it on the wall? Why does it have a front and a back? Why no one touches it?
What happens in the alternative?

Your practices are often between the realms of image and literature. For you, image-making is a way of deciphering the language, a treasure map that has been passed down to us by our ancestors. Your studies are mostly about the psyche, and the things that form our thoughts and shape, and behaviors. And you think,-J) you can translate those concepts into artworks.
The other day a very old friend of your family told you a story about when you were 6 and you had gone to a book fair with the school. You bought two copies of the same book, saying “because I really liked it”. After hearing this, the current you thought to herself, well, I must have never changed, all the things that happened to me since then like they really didn’t matter.


Pushing one’s own back | moving forward


Rodrigo de Sousa


This work was made by Parnian Ghorbani Based on Diogo da Cruz’s Biography

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