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Hermann Pitz received                 's biography

Armin was born in 1956 in Oldenburg, Germany. He lives and works in Munich, He holds a Meisterschüler degree in painting from the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste in West-Berlin (1980) and has had many solo exhibitions in different museums.
On an international level, He participated in shows like Documenta (1987 and 1992), Skulpturprojekte Münster (1987 and 1997), XLIII Biennale de Venezia, 1. and 2. International Biennale Istanbul. Next to his studio practice, he has a continuous curatorial practice since 1978 in international institutions. A possible entry point into Armin’s works is to trace the themes that recur in his work and overlap or mutually expand: mirror objects, photographs, light sources that can be assigned to the field of optics or objects that, due to their form or function, can be associated with the process of seeing: convexly or concavely curved objects, a mirrored sphere or drops of water. The motifs are familiar to the viewer from everyday life and at the same time stimulate him to reflect on the perception of reality: What is reality, what is fiction? The curtain, easel, and lighting are reminiscent of theatre and stage or evoke a studio atmosphere. Here, too, the themes revolve around appearance and reality, image and likeness, staging and presentation. Everyday reality mutates into artificial-artistic reality. For his complex concept, Armin also uses other metaphors from the cultural and scientific tradition as formal "containers" that connect his works like a network: the archive, the world map, the family tree, or the journey. [...] The artist quotes himself, again and again, establishes a spatial and temporal continuity between works, develops his iconography. His art lives from the paradox of always progressing through references back.


Epitomising Architexture


Brick masons's hammer (brick axe)
placed on a book opened at double pages 90 and 91
6 x 49 x 24 cm


This work was made by Hermann Pitz

Based on The BERG’s biography

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