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Donya H.Aalipour received                                      's biography

About me:
I am 25 years old and my birthday is coming soon so I will turn 26. I’m studying painting far away from home. I was also studying piano for almost 3 years before I started studying painting again. It has been six years that I live alone. I always try to be active in the art scene. I have had lots of group exhibitions. I have a small studio space and I go there and paint every day. I am still dealing with the current situation but painting makes me feel better.
About my Work:
My paintings are mostly about my home, friends, family, love, life, childhood, and any moments in my life in general that are special to me. I have always seen painting as an adventure. Every time I start a new painting, it’s like I get to understand myself better as a person since I can express myself however I
choose. I usually paint what I feel, not always what I see. If something evident happens to me or my life, I tend to imagine the whole story in my mind and how I felt during that moment. Then I paint it however my mind allows me to. Because of this, my work mostly shows the combination of abstract and realistic elements and the atmosphere of the story in detailed forms.
I love having freedom in art, and showing little things that are very simple, yet giving them an abundance of colors and creativity. My main inspiration for colors is from Persian paintings. I always have my paintings tell a story, however not too directly. I would like people to interpret my work how they see it. I like to incorporate unsolved elements as well, to let people play with my ideas and have them make their own connections. The paintings are telling my own story from my point of view but I tried to put some space in the paintings for the audience to question it more and put their own story in it.
I like to explain a little bit about one of my specific paintings, that for sure you
have no idea which one is that.
So here it is: It’s been six years that I live alone and far away from my family. I know that I am independent but I am really close to my family and I miss being with them and spend my time with them. One day my grandma,
grandpa, my Aunt, and my cousin went to our home to visit my mother and father and eat some delicious food! So my mother as always cleaned the apartment and cooked lots of food and made some dessert. When they were sitting around the table to start to eat my mother took a photo and sent it to me. I saw that picture that was beautiful. The food looked amazing and my cousin couldn’t wait to start eating. The Table is big and it is in a room with a nice chandelier, which is usually dark when we don’t have guests. All of a sudden I felt I am there and I could imagine what happens there and what are they talking about. When I am picturing the image that I have in my head from that moment, it is funny because I see lots of abstract elements and a big table, Chandelier, me and my family sitting around the table and talking...




Oil and spray on paper Dana


This work was made by Donya H.Aalipour

Based on Alexandra Papademetriou’s Biography

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