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*Body in transit*

We propose to carry out a process of demarcation, delimitation, identification of our individual territory. And now, these words sound like a stake stuck firmly in the ground and feel wrong in this context. But the truth is that this process of demarcating an identity territory, instead of separating and creating borders, made it possible to create points of contact with what was outside: people, landscapes, things. Little by little, we adopted a daily practice of walking and writing. This process, in addition to bringing us closer to a place and making us better understand the people of the place, also threw us into a whirlwind of connections in which everything seemed interconnected, nature, history, geography. Writing thus became the writing of a metaphorical and physical path. The body became the engine of a whole mental process.
We are living each other’s lives and dreaming each other’s wishes. Sharing our daily life as a routine led us to understand more deeply how we can actually feel the possibility of being another human with a totally different condition and this whole unique process can direct us to be a more adaptive person and to always consider other people’s feelings and emotions. 
How did u sleep last night? Horrible, my grandpa died.
What did u eat for breakfast? Nothing, my daughter is sick. 
How are feeling today? Great, just sold an artwork. 
How many children do you have? Two.
What is your boyfriend’s name and how long have you been together? Oh, we broke up after three years.
When did u break up? This morning. 
How old was your grandpa? 85 I guess.
These very simple basic questions we asked of each other for about four months and now I can separate this person from the others in the crowd and that’s all about the communication. 
No matter how many languages u know, how educated u are, and where in the world you live, u just need to share “being” and as said “sharing is caring”.

Katia Manjate and Farzane Ghadyanloo 
(RE)SHAPE - virtual residency, Sep 2021 - Jan 2022

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