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Alejandra Rincón recieved                              's biography

I would like to paraphrase what the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges said about poetry: poetry is
born from language because each language is a way of feeling the world; each language is a
possible literature.
At the beginning of my career, I was impressed by audiovisual language. I wanted to show others “a
way of feeling the world”. So, I focused on the everyday objects and experiences that caught my
eyes. I usually used a video camera to capture these experiences. I recorded anything and
everything. Naturally, it all started with an observation of the world and the understanding of the
audiovisual language itself: time and movement. Then I started to be interested in slow writing, so
slow that it makes things seem stopped as if it was the same frame. I was fascinated by minimal
movement, expressing the idea that “nothing happens here” but something does indeed happen:
time passes.
Recently I have started using words. I have become more interested in text writing. I want to break
the rules of narrative, for creating unstable writing, leaving behind temporal sequences to explore
abysses, which appear in writing as in layers of different elements: events, tensions, counter
positions, quotes from other authors, comparative elements from different eras, and memories,
among others.
I approach writing as a constellation or as an atlas, as independent sequences that are part of a
whole and which generate images with poetic and symbolic power. This atlas is similar to a
phenomenology of memory, which is underlain by the weight of history and geography, as well as
issues involving human affections, such as love, distances, emptiness, suspension, and
impotence, death. My writing speaks of affective human responses, so that, the effect is not only the
subject but also the writing itself, being form and content simultaneously.
I increasingly feel the urge to write and publish, while at the same time I continue to think about
images. One of the main objectives at the moment is to generate spaces where the two languages
can live together, video installations that involve both visual writings and writings with words.
I also dance, dancing I realized I have a body. A women's body crossed by movement and time. So,
I also write about anatomy matters.




A voice of resistance in 500 posters



This work was made by Alejandra Rincón
Based on Reyhaneh Mirjahani’s work

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