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Baktash Sarang was born in 1981 in Tehran, Iran. He works and lives in both Tehran and Paris. He graduated from Azad University of Arts in Tehran, majoring in painting in 2005, and then continued his studies in Haute Écoles des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg. Sarang received his MA from pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris in 2015. He has had exhibited work in many countries such as Iran, Spain, France, the USA, and Switzerland. Baktash belongs to the generation of “post-revolutionary” ideals and “war” — a dual paradox that has one foot in the building, and the other in destruction; one foot in unity and the other in isolation; one foot in hope and the other in despair. A generation that stretches between the enormity of ideologies and the smallness of “selves.” He renders Utopias. constructs them and destroys

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