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Aylar Dastgiri (born 1988 in Tehran, Iran), Earned a Diploma in painting from the Fine Art school of Tehran and a BFA in sculpture from the Tehran University of Art in 2006 and 2012. She then continued studying drawing with Seroj Barseghian. Dastgiri has been teaching printmaking to adults and painting to children from 2013 till now. She has had many exhibitions in Tehran, Shiraz, Amsterdam, Brussels, Oslo, Paris, and Brooklyn. The main question of her practice is " How a painting is shaped as a mental activity with color impressions". She's searching for the answer in the outward nature and her surroundings.
observing the human body's similarities with the body of nature helps to make ways to experience being present in the place, space, and time in an image.
Experiences with
different mediums such as canvas, digital painting, printmaking, video, and objects accommodate her to make her visions come to life.

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