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Afra Mirfarsi received                          's biography

My name is Nima Tavana.
I was born in 1991 in Tehran, Iran.
Reading, making puzzles, and painting were my hobbies during childhood. I never had many friends but I always did have one close friend which was some kind of a mentor to my eyes.
I find communication hard and always a challenge for me.
I studied Graphic in high school and yet chose sculpture at university.
I felt there is more potential and possibilities to three-dimension objects and soon I realized what I find interesting about sculptures is how tied up it is to space and how variated it can act in different atmospheres.
Creating a "moment", on the other hand, has always been one of my interests, and moments are a lot about spaces as well.
Making sculptures also gives me some freedom to be more daring through the process, physically and mentally. I can think more personally, more symbolic, and also more intuitively.
I learn about myself during the process of creating and I define "success", the ability to recreate my most personal perspective so that others can experience something as well.
After graduation from Tehran University of Arts, I applied for a Fine Art major at some university in Germany.
I got in, but then changed my mind and chose to stay in Iran and try to build my career as an independent artist in my hometown.
Human emotions, societies, morality, and culture have always been my concerns.
Nature, poetry, music, cinema, outsider artists, and learning about great people in history are my main inspiration.
I love mystery, exceptions, and things that you can't explain with words.


To Forgive, and to be Forgiven


Photographs, fabric, Sea corals

Enola von der Pahlen


This work was made by Afra Mirfarsi

Based on Luise von Cossart’s Biography


Installation view 

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