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Abel Hartooni was born in 1998, He graduated from Tehran School of Fine Arts in 2016 and currently is studying at Score University of arts. Even with a background of academic studies in the art field, Hartooni's method is not lured to only one homogenized method or a single subject. He takes part in a more experimental and intuitive approach toward picture making . As a result, he uses both objective themes and representational materials such as still lives, figures and portraits, archival photos ( mainly concerning human catastrophes), and icons parallel to –and sometimes synchronous to- non-representational materials like geometrical abstraction, compositions, color gradation, and improvisations.

A Displacement -2020
photo_2020-07-30_05-51-12 (3).jpg
Beyond the flight - 2020
Two monkeys-unchained- (after Pieter Bru

"The embodiment of the fragments dispersed  (after Toros Roslin)" is Abel's latest installation at a group exhibition named resemblance at Soo contemporary. The idea of the installation emerged from combining the materials he had been working with recently, like the embodiment of the painting within the painted marks ,body fragmentations, light rays ,crane and the Armenian historical memory.

In the installation he re-shaped a fragmented page of the canon tables from Zeytun Gospels ,illuminated by Toros Roslin (13th century), and transformed it into a broader and more abstract environment.

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